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그린리더십 교과과정 Green Leadership Certificate Program

Completion of GLP

Curriculum Overview

A total of fourteen courses are being developed, either through a merger of existing courses, or as a new course. The courses under Objective 1 are departmental major application courses that will provide the link between the students' areas of expertise and sustainability perspectives.

In Objective II are topic-specific academic courses with the aim of fostering social design ability. Courses under Objective III are participation-oriented practical courses that will offer students the chance to apply their knowledge to the real world, and foster leadership skills outside of class.

Some of courses that are offered by each college and recognized as being in accordance with Objective 1 can be categorized into two fields; Sustainability Science Field and Green Social Science Field. Students can also take courses belonging to the two fields, and maximum of three credit hours of the courses under each field will be accepted.

Objective 1
Green Leadership Green Life & Consumption
Green Energy Climate Change & Health
Understanding Green Economy Ecological Philosophy & Environmental Ethics
Green Social Sciences Sustainability Sciences
Objective 2
Green City & Community Design
ArtsㆍDesigns & Green Society
Sustainable Society & Institution
Objective 13
Green Leadership Internship
Sustainable Business Management
Gwanak Omnibus Course Sustainable Devolopment

Completion Criteria

SNU has developed a Green Leadership Certificate Program which is to cultivate students of Green Leadership. Fifteen credit hours are necessary for the completion of the certificate program.
Criteria and methods for completion of the program are as in the following

  • Green Leadership Curriculum : 5 Courses / min. of 15 Credit hours
  • Courses previously taken : Average grade of 3.0 or over
  • Requisites : <Green Leadership Intership>
  • Qualificaton exam : Green Leadership Completion Essay Application for a qualification exam

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