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그린리더십 교과과정 Green Leadership Certificate Program

GLP Internship

Green Leadership Internship

  • The objective of this course is to integrate in-class learning materials about the environment and sustainability with real world on-site experiences through internships at governmental organiztions, enterprises, research institutes, or civic group.
  • In order to take this course, students have to have completed at least two prerequisites from Green Leadership Program Credit Courses.
  • Since 'Green Leadership Internship' is opened as a Summer Semester course, students will be assigned to an organization in July and they need to be reminded that it would be hard to take other courses concurrently with this cource.

Procedure for Students Allocation

Green Leadership Internship Course Outline

Green Leadership Internship Cooperation Organizations

Government Organization Enterprise
  • National Institute of Forest Science
  • Seodaemun Museum of National History
  • the Office of Waterworks Seoul Metropolitan Government
  • Wanju Community Business Center
  • ChungNam Institute
  • Tongyeong Education Foudation for sustainable develepment
  • GreenEnTech
  • Deloitte
  • Samil PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Samsung Engineering
  • Samjong KPMG
  • Tree Planet
  • Homeplus
  • SK Hynix
Non Government Organization Research Institute
  • Climate Change Center
  • the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Business Institute for Sustainable Development
  • Korea Environment Education Center
  • Koera Green Foundation
  • Korean National Commission for UNESCO
  • UN Global Compact Network Korea
  • Seoul National University, nter-university Semiconductor Research Center
  • Seoul National University, AIEES
  • NGMR
  • Hankyoreh Economy & Society Research Institute
  • Institute for Environmental Safety and Health

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그린리더십 교과과정 (Green Leadership Certificate Program)
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